If you have been considering refinancing your home, there may not be a better time than right now. Don’t underestimate the effect that even a half percent off your current interest rate could have on your wallet. Axia is here to help!


Current interest rates are lower than expected due to many factors including a volatile stock market, oil prices dropping, and a weak economy in China. Recent data reveals a 14% probability of another Federal Reserve rate hike in 2016. The original expectation was that we'd see four individual rate hikes throughout this year. The revised forecast would indicate that rates will remain stable, experiencing a gradual increase throughout 20161.


The longer you wait to refinance, could delay the window of opportunity to save more money in the future. A refinance could have substantial impact not only on your monthly payment, but also in the amount of interest paid over the life of the loan. Additionally, loyal clients of Axia have the exclusive opportunity to save even more. In a continued effort to establish our place as a Lender for Life™, Axia’s Tenure Program will reward past clients with up to $750 in lender credits applied at closing2.

Call us today to see if you could save in today’s market! We will create a personalized Home Loan ePlan for you to see if refinancing is in your best interest.

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2 Certain restriction apply, click here for more details