Axia Home Loans would like to introduce you to our in-house loan originator coaching and training program called Elevate.  Elevate is designed to assist our loan originators in their journey toward reaching their grandest goals of loan production.

Elevate serves Axia’s loan originators by providing them three key modules in their journey to assist as many homeowners as possible.  These three Elevate modules are Education, Accountability, and Inspiration.  Over the next three weeks, Axia will craft posts that focus on one of these three components and give you a window into how they help our loan originators.

In this post, we will provide a brief overview of each module:

Elevate Education

One of Axia’s core sales goals is that we provide our loan originators with the very best education and preparation in the core financial skills that will ensure they provide their clients the equipping they need to make educated home loan decisions.  To that end, Axia provides each loan originator the opportunity to complete the Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist accreditation at no cost.  This is a tremendous investment in our sales force.

Elevate Accountability

Elevate offers Axia’s loan originators accountability to the disciplines and practices of wildly successful loan originators through two programs.  The first is “Ascent” which is a sales tracking system whereby our originators log their sales activities and are rewarded with marketing credits that enable them to invest right back into their business.  The second program is “Tactics”, Axia’s in-house loan originator sales and marketing coaching program.

Elevate Inspiration

Axia provides its originators motivation and inspiration through several methods, the most pronounced being our ongoing relationship with nationally acclaimed Executive Coach Bill Hart with Building Champions coaching.  Bill provides our loan originators with inspirational thoughts and ideas and regularly speaks at Axia’s annual Sales Production Summit.