Axia Home Loans would like to introduce you to our in-house loan originator coaching and training program called Elevate.  Elevate is designed to assist our loan originators in their journey toward reaching their grandest goals of loan production.  This is the third post of a four-part series providing an overview of the different modules in Axia’s Elevate Program.To view part 2, CLICK HERE.

The second module in the Elevate Program is Accountability.  At Axia, we provide our loan originators accountability to the disciplines and practices of wildly successful originators through two programs.  The first program is “Ascent” which is a sales tracking system whereby our originators log their sales activities and are rewarded with marketing credits that enable them to invest right back into their business.

The Ascent Program is centered on a weekly activity log that our originators complete.  This log is a simple to use tracker for most all of the originator’s sales activities such as sales phone calls, loan applications received, in-person meetings, and attending and hosting sales events.  This fulfills the program’s first purpose: accountability to the activities that all originators should be engaged in.  The second purpose of the program is to reward participating originators for their activities in the form of Marketing Credits.  Marketing credits translate into marketing dollars that are used for most all marketing purposes such as professional coaching services, lead generation services, sponsoring events, advertisements and many other uses.  It is a true win-win of a program!

The second program within the Accountability module is “Tactics”, Axia’s in-house loan originator Sales and Marketing Coaching Program.  Tactics provides one-on-one biweekly coaching calls between participating LOs and Axia’s Sales Development Lead.  These calls are designed to assist the loan originator in crafting custom sales and marketing strategies for each calendar quarter. Best of all, this service is free to the loan originator!